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one size fits all doesn’t work with 

school accounting

Not every school needs the same degree of help as another. Edtech are specialists in providing school accounting services and understand this is a key consideration when working with schools.
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specialising in delivering accounting solutions for schools using

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empowering schools to take control of their finances

Edtech are specialists in creating & providing customised accounting packages to schools. We teach Principals and Boards how to use  accounting information to understand your finances then identify areas of opportunity or concern.

Learn to understand your finances so that you can confidently report on the information in your monthly and annual finances and then make informed decisions. Talk to Edtech about tailor making a plan that fits your school's needs now, and can be easily scaled up or down in the future if needed.

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focus on the key issues surrounding your schools finances

Most financial reports are full of filler statistics and figures to make the report seem more comprehensive. In reality you only need to focus on the information that’s relevant and important at that time. Edtech’s simple reporting system provides you with meaningful information rather than lots of information. Highlighting areas of opportunity or possible concern allow you to focus on the aspects of your school’s financial situation that actually need your attention.

Meet Edtech’s Accounting Consultants
Don’t work with a faceless accounting company. Instead work with a team of experienced education accounting consultants that use one on one contact to provide you with advice and guidance that goes beyond basic compliance. 

Edtech's Accounting Consultants make the effort to come out and visit your school at least twice annually, and up to weekly visits so that you can sit down face to face and get instant answers and guidance.

More about Edtech’s Financial Services

have complete confidence in your financial management

Professional service, outstanding people, easily read reports, timely advice.
Great service and can tailor the support that you want to each school depending on how much or how little is needed.
Get a Free Financial Health Check for your school. We’ll review your accounts, benchmark them against the industry norms & highlight areas of opportunity or concern.
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