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Seminars and Training

Onsite Training & Support

As well as providing financial support contracts, Edtech’s Financial Services team also offer a comprehensive range of training programmes to users of MUSAC Financial Manager and MUSAC Asset Manager.

Options include seminar courses and on-site training tailored to the users’ needs. All MUSAC training programmes offered by Edtech include comprehensive training notes to complement the training undertaken. Hourly rates plus a call out fee apply.

Seminar Training

Edtech offers a range of seminars for users of MUSAC Financial Manager, MUSAC Asset Manager, Xero,  Moneyworks and other MUSAC programmes. The seminars cover various facets within the software. Edtech also provides seminars for Accounts staff, Executive Officers, Trustees and Principals/APs/DPs who would like to have a better understanding of accounting, budgets and school financial reports.

Onsite and seminar training options

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