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Financial Services

To truly manage your school's finances it takes more than just balancing the books

Not so long ago schools used their local accountant just to balance the books. This worked fine.The Board of Trustees would receive basic monthly reports because, that’s all that a school needed. Or that’s what was thought.

To truly manage school finances and understand your financial situation, it takes more than just balancing the books. You also need to understand the figures and what they mean.When you know the key things you need to look for, you can take the necessary action to respond to these trends or results.

School financial services that others can’t match or don’t want to

Working with schools since 1992 has given us a good idea of what they need and what other companies are offering, often these don’t align. While Edtech could deliver a simple bureau service from behind closed doors or produce pages of figures and graphs, we firmly believe that for you to understand your school accounts you need more than just a provider.

You need a trusted partner you can call on and who will call on you, and that’s exactly what we do. All our support agreements include visits to your school – daily, weekly, monthly, termly – you choose. We deliver financial expertise when you need it, how you need it and where you need it.

More than just producing financial reports we’ll take the time to let you know any areas of risk or concern, then help you to take the appropriate action. It’s called exception reporting. If something is planned and budgeted we are not going to spend lots of time focusing on all the details. However if it is something unexpected or of concern then we will draw these items to your attention. We're here to help. Our experience and knowledge is your resource.

At the end of the day we still balance the books.

It’s important, so we do it and we do it right. But it’s just as important to offer more than that. So we do.

Our services at a glance

Our services range from basic accounting software training through to annual support agreements that include preparation of annual accounts. We can assist with trustee governance, offer independent financial management advice and ultimately deliver a full range of financial services.
  • Flexible, tailored and affordable support options
  • Advice and guidance on any aspect of school finances
  • Customised chart of accounts and monthly BOT reports
  • Analysis and review of school internal controls
  • Assistance with trustee governance
  • Independent financial management advice
  • MUSAC, XERO & Moneyworks  Software  support, training and seminars

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